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“Wondering what the difference is between men and women? Or maybe you want to know the difference between a violin and a fiddle, an apostle and a disciple, an arbitrator and a mediator, or white eggs and brown eggs?” - Faculty of Engineering News,???? McMaster University, August 2009

“The nature of the research depends on the subject at hand. For example, for more science-specific topics, information is gathered from sources such as research articles, journals, books and reliable websites like universities,…..” - The Spec

“How do white eggs differ from brown, and Miss from Ms.? Canadian site has answers” - MetroNews, Toronto

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  2. Does the Seventh Adventist Church believe Christians who do not observe the sabbath on Sunday will be among Christians who will not have eternal life?

    • Hey @AnneHamilton! I have been raised as a Seventh-Day Adventist and to answer your question I need to explain something. Our name has seventh day in it so we as Seventh-Day Adventists believe that we should worship God on the seventh day of the week, Saturday which we call the Sabbath. We do not believe that people who do not worship on Sunday will not make it to heaven because we ourselves do not worship on Sunday. We also do not believe that we are exclusive in getting to heaven. We believe that God has His people in every church, whether you are Methodist, Baptist, Jewish or Muslim etc. If you have lived up to everything you know to be right then you will have a reserved place in heaven ???? simple as that.

    • You get into heaven, not by what you???ve down or will do, but what Jesus has done by dying on the cross to save you from your sins and being raised three days later just so that we could have eternal life in heaven with him if we believe in him. it???s as easy as that

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  5. What is the difference between being valiant and being courageous?

    • To be Valiant is to stand up for what is right and moral regardless of opposition and unpopularity.
      To be Courageous is to act in spite of fear in the face of some threat or danger. eg to face a lion, to go into battle to save someone.

      It can include mental or emotional courage as well as physical. Such as revealing your opinion on a subject when others disagree.

      There???s just a subtle difference. To be Valiant requires MORAL courage.

  6. i want to ask permission to use these articles for our research paper but cant find any author to cite. kindly follow up thankyou

  7. I doing a report for my bio lab class and I came across this article, “Difference Between Fungi and Plants.” I need to cite it in Chicago Style. Do you have such information? Appreciated!


    Paul Centeno

  8. You guys unfortunately showed your hand in the section of climate change when you said unfortunately some conservative scientists disagree with the liberal view on climate change therefore you made a assumption that the conservative viewpoint was wrong in the liberal viewpoint was correct.

    • Is Climate Change a matter of point of view is it a matter of science? The former is opinion and the later is based on observable and measurable facts. If you can measure temperature differences, measure amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, observe glaciers and ice masses melting at faster rates than they used to, and record frequency of extreme & unusual weather, then it???s science. Scientific statements are true or false, they aren???t a matter of opinion. If you question whether a scientific conclusion is true or false, you look at the body of research, the rigor of it, the accuracy of the data, the number of reputable world-wide scientists who confirm it, etc. In this case, one doesn???t need to do more than turn on the weather news, or travel a bit (or in some cases, look right outside one???s own window) to determine that Climate Change is happening. Physical facts do not change depending on which political camp one is in.

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  10. just read you piece, obviously very leftist in it composition and thought, won???t be using your piece, the search for truth in differences continues…

  11. Hi,

    I notice that the style of English is rather crabbed and unnatural, leading me to believe that the writers are not native English speakers. First, is this true, and second, do you have editorial procedures in place to improve upon their writing?



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