Why is Difference Between Bollywood and Tollywood

Nov 20, 2023
Why is Difference Between Bollywood and Tollywood

Bollywood and Tollywood are two distinct film industries. Tollywood refers to Telugu entertainment industry based in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana while Bollywood is an Indian production company with its headquarters located in Mumbai that is best known for romantic comedies and biopic-like stories. Tollywood refers to films made using Telugu language.

Bollywood, or Hindi cinematic industry, is an immensely lucrative segment of film production in India. Widely spoken throughout India and neighboring Southeast Asian nations, Hindi can generate significant profits for Hollywood movie studios through Bollywood productions.

What is Bollywood?


Every year, Bollywood produces over 1,000 movies worldwide and ranks as the world’s largest film production house. Bollywood refers to the Hindi-language film industry in Mumbai, India; earlier known as Bombay it now commonly goes by “Bollywood”, an acronym combining “B” from Bombay with Hollywood for convenience.

Bollywood has long been India’s primary film production center since it first opened its doors in 1913; Alam Ara became its inaugural feature film release two years later in 1931.

What Is Tollywood?


Tollywood, India’s South Indian film industry which encompasses Andhra Pradesh, is India’s largest industry. The term Tollywood derives its name both from American Hollywood as well as Bengali Film Industry in Tollygunge in Calcutta.

Telugu films were pioneers in featuring dance numbers as part of an item number in movies.

Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood each possess their own set of origins and target audiences; additionally they differ greatly in revenue generation and production methods.

The Differences Between Bollywood and Tollywood

  • There is a difference in how many movies each of them makes
  • Bollywood produces more movies every year than Tollywood does; approximately 300 films are produced annually in Tollywood while 1200 are created each year by Bollywood compared to Tollywood’s 300 produced annually in Indian Cinema. Indian Cinema wins this competition as it cannot tell which movie is smarter.
  • Language differences between the two languages
  • Both languages differ significantly when it comes to their vocabulary and syntax, leading to distinct similarities and distinctions between the two dialects.
  • Anushka Sharma spoke Hindi while Aamir Khan spoke Bhojpuri in “PK”.
  • Tollywood is more dramatic than Bollywood
  • Tollywood may not be as in-depth as Bollywood; the South Industry simply cannot compete.
  • Bollywood outpaces Tollywood in earnings.
  • Tollywood ranks third among the highest-grossing film industries; Bollywood remains at the top. Hindi speakers make more money at Bollywood than their Telugu-speaking counterparts.
  • Tollywood films tend to be longer than Bollywood ones.
  • Dramatic content requires more time.
  • Tollywood offers more action than Bollywood
  • Bollywood films differ from South films in that they focus more heavily on romance, love and social issues – often featuring an action star as their main protagonist.
  • Bollywood has the edge in musical style when compared to Tollywood.
  • Hindi film music tends to feature more melodic and harmonic arrangements while Tollywood music tends to be louder, faster-paced, and not always relaxing.
  • Tollywood represents Bollywood romance in an innovative manner.
  • Tollywood can be much harder than Bollywood when it comes to romance; here, heroes and heroines don’t necessarily fall instantly in love.
  • Tollywood released their inaugural film one year prior to Bollywood.
  • Tollywood was launched with Bhisma Pratighna’s release in 1912 before Bollywood, dispelling any misconception that Hindi films came before South Indian ones. Now you know the opposite is true.
  • Bollywood is more diverse than Tollywood.

Bollywood has more technological advancements than Tollywood despite any possible unfair comparison.


Category Bollywood Tollywood
Film Industry Hindi-language film industry Telugu-language film industry
Location Primarily based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Primarily based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Language Hindi Telugu
Influence One of the largest film industries in the world One of the prominent regional film industries in India
Audience National and international Primarily regional, with a focus on Telugu-speaking states
Production High-budget films with lavish sets and costumes Varied range of budgets, from low to high
Song and Dance Bollywood-style musical numbers are prominent Emphasis on music and dance, but with a distinct style
Stars Known for its superstar culture Features popular actors from the Telugu film industry
Regional Impact Films released throughout India Mainly caters to the Telugu-speaking states of India
International Recognition Bollywood films have a wider international reach Tollywood films have a more limited international presence
Market Size Large market with a global audience Primarily caters to the Telugu-speaking population
Popular Genres Romantic dramas, action films, musicals Action films, family dramas, romantic entertainers
Crossover Appeal Appeals to a diverse range of viewers worldwide Mainly popular among Telugu-speaking audiences
Technological Advancement Utilizes advanced filmmaking techniques and special effects Incorporates modern technology but with a comparatively lower scale
Cultural Influence Bollywood has a significant impact on Indian culture Tollywood contributes to the cultural identity of Telugu-speaking states
International Recognition Bollywood films have a wider international reach Tollywood films have a more limited international presence
Notable Personalities Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachchan Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, Allu Arjun

Bollywood or Tollywood: Which Is Better?

  • This article seeks to dispel misconceptions held by people living outside India about Indian cinema industry. Contrary to popular belief, not all cinema in India falls under Bollywood’s purview; other areas including Kollywood, Mollywood and Tollywood also produce films.
  • India boasts a population larger than all Latin American countries combined, as well as Europe, America and other Latin nations. Millions of people speak multiple dialects within this nation.
  • Tollywood and Bollywood cannot be compared. Their worlds do not differ significantly.


Bollywood and Tollywood are two distinct film industries within the Indian film industry. Bollywood is based in Mumbai and produces Hindi movies which are popular worldwide; Tollywood on the other hand can be found primarily in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, predominantly producing Telugu movies targeted towards local audiences. Both industries share differences but also many similarities. Both industries can be considered unique yet have many commonalities between them. Tollywood and Bollywood differ primarily in the language used. Tollywood typically targets regional audiences using Telugu while Bollywood appeals to a larger target market with Hindi.