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Difference Between Tener and Haber

In any language in the world, there exist commonly confused words, which are mistakenly interchanged. Information on the differences should be availed to avoid this. For instance, in the Spanish language, tener and haber are commonly confused. 


What is Tener?

This is a verb used in reference to showing procession or ownership of something, which can be an item or feelings. For example, he has an office, I have a car. 


What is Haber?

This is used in reference to; have had done something, have existence or be obliged to do something. For example, I have lived in Mauritius for several years, I have been there since morning. 


Similarities Between Tener and Haber

  • Both are used in reference to having something


Differences between Tener and Haber

  1. Use

Tener is used in reference to showing procession or ownership of something, which can be an item or feelings. On the other hand, haber is used in reference to; have had done something, have existence or be obliged to do something.

  1. Example

An example of the use of tener in a sentence is; he has an office. On the other hand, an example of the use in haber in a sentence is; I have lived in Mauritius for several years. 

Tener vs. Haber: Comparison Table


Summary of Tener vs. Haber

While the confusion of words is prevalent, information should be availed on the meaning and appropriate use of words. It should be noted that while tener is used in reference to procession or ownership, haber is used in reference to having had done something or obligation to do something.


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  1. I read this website???s articles and love them.But false photo was used in this article. ”Haber” word means ”news” in Turkish .
    It???s very clear that you put the first picture you found on the Internet. ???? (I am from Turkey btw)

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