Best 5 Difference Between NM3 and M3

Nov 20, 2023

NM3 and M3: The units used to measure the volume of solids, liquids, and gases are NM3 and M3. The NM3 value is what a solid, liquid, or gas with a constant mass will have under standard or normal conditions. M3 represents the volume it would occupy in the current temperature and pressure conditions.

What is the Nm3 Unit?

Normal Meter Cubed per Hour. Gas flow measurement unit. Normal conditions are 0degC at 1atm (101.325 kPa standard atmosphere) and are usually rounded up to 1 bar.

What is NM3?

Normal cubic meter

The normal cubic meter is Nm3. The volume of air required to fill 1 cubic meter under standard conditions.

Why is the Difference Between NM3 and M3


The volume of solids is not affected by temperature or pressure changes, but liquids and gasses are. It is therefore important to have a standard that can compare the changes in volume between normal and working conditions. The standard volume of matter is NM3 at normal conditions. This is 0 degrees centigrade, or 273 degrees K at one-atmosphere pressure (1013.25mbar).


The volume of a matter is measured in meter cubes at the current temperature and pressure. The volume of liquids and gases changes dramatically as temperature and pressure change. Volume increases directly with temperature and decreases inversely when the pressure of a matter is raised. The volume of a given matter is measured in meter cubicles. Volume measurement is important for fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, and other industries that require products to operate in high temperatures and pressure.

What is the conversion from M3 to Nm3

The formula for converting m3 into nm3


Divide by 1.0E-27. By division.

Multiplication. 113 m3(s) * 1.0E+27 = 1.13E+29 nm3(s)


What is the conversion from Nm3 hr (or m3HR) to m3HR?

We use the following formula. We use the following formula.

What is the formula for Nm3?

Conversion from Sm3 into Nm3: (P1xT2) / (288.16×1. 013) / (273.16×1. 013) = 1,05491287 The temperature is in K. 273.16 represents absolute zero.

Interpretation: One Nm3 is 5,49% more than one Sm3, and 1Nm3 >1Sm3.

What is Nm3 of hydrogen?

Hydrogen Conversion Data

Hydrogen Weight Gas
Lb Nm3
1 Pound 1 5.047
1 Kilogram 2.205 11.126
1 SCF Gas 0.005209 0.02628

What are Nm3 and am3?

The gas volume at 0°C and 14.7psia is called Nm3. The gas volume is measured at the actual conditions for the operation.

How do I convert M3 into Nm3?

Conversion table or table of m3 into nm3. The first 100 cubic meters will be converted into cubic nanometres. The number of cubic nanometres is rounded up to the nearest unit in (). cubic metre (s) cubic nanometre (s) 1 m3 (s) 1.0E+27 nm3 (s) (1.0E+27) 2 m3 (s) 2.0E+27 nm3 (s) (2.0E+27)

What is Nm3/hr?

Nm3/hr – Normal Metres Cubed per Hour This is at a Temp of 0 deg C and 1013mbarA Sm3/hr – Standard Metres cubed per hour This is an old throwback from SCFM and based on 60 Deg F and Atmospheric pressure…………..i.e. This is an old throwback from SCFM and based on 60 Deg F and Atmospheric pressure…….i.e.

How much is an nm3 of density?

It is actually kilogram/cubic meters. One N/m3 equals 0.101971621 kg/cubic meter. Always check your results as rounding mistakes can occur.

What is 1 kg/m3 in N/m3?

What is the number of N/m3 per kg/m3? Answer- 9.8066500286389. You are probably converting newton/cubic meters to kilogram/cubic meters. View more information on the units- N/m3 and kg/m3. The SI unit of density for densities is kilogram/cubic meters. The density unit kilogram/cubic meters is equivalent to 1 N/m3.

More FAQs

  1. Q: How do you convert m3 to Nm3?
    A: To convert cubic meters (m3) to normal cubic meters (Nm3), you need to adjust for temperature and pressure. Nm3 is a measurement at standard or reference conditions, typically defined as 0 degrees Celsius and 1 atmosphere of pressure. The conversion requires applying the ideal gas law or using conversion factors specific to the gas being measured.
  2. Q: What does 1 Nm3 mean?
    A: 1 Nm3 (normal cubic meter) refers to a volume of gas measured at standard or reference conditions, usually 0 degrees Celsius and 1 atmosphere of pressure. It is a standardized unit used to express gas volumes, providing a consistent basis for comparison and calculations.
  3. Q: What is normal m3 (Nm3)?
    A: Normal cubic meters (Nm3) refer to the volume of gas measured at standard or reference conditions, typically 0 degrees Celsius and 1 atmosphere of pressure. It represents the volume of a gas when normalized to standard conditions for accurate comparison and measurement.
  4. Q: What is the Nm3 unit for?
    A: The Nm3 unit is used to measure gas volume at standard or reference conditions. It is commonly employed in industries such as manufacturing, energy, and environmental monitoring, where precise measurement and comparison of gas volumes are necessary.