10 Best Difference Between Carnival and Royal Caribbean

Nov 20, 2023
Difference Between Carnival and Royal Caribbean

Carnival and Royal Caribbean: Without knowing their differences, choosing between Carnival or Royal Caribbean can be daunting. We want to show you all their features so you can easily select which cruise line best fits your holiday experience. Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines are among the world’s most beloved – holidaymakers look no further when searching for their vacation experience! Although both offer similar features, their differences cannot be overlooked and this article highlights these distinctions so people can select which ship meets their individual requirements best –

Royal Caribbean Mariner is chosen here as a baseline example and Carnival Liberty also provided an accurate comparison between ships compared with each other in size and design for accurate comparison, two ships of similar size and design were selected – Royal Caribbean Mariner is chosen here, Royal Caribbean Mariner while Carnival Liberty to create accurate comparison between two similar ships of similar design used here for accurate comparison between Carnival Liberty and Royal Caribbean Mariner for making an accurate comparison.

A brief overview of Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line
Figure-no-01: Carnival Cruise Line
  • Carnival Cruise Line was established in 1972 and quickly rose to become one of the world’s leading and best-known cruise lines, becoming synonymous with value-driven, fun-filled holidays ever since. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, and boasting an expansive fleet of ships designed to cater to various traveler profiles – many are available for charter.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines’ vibrant, lively environment is known for providing guests with an enjoyable and entertaining cruise experience. Their cruise ships visit various exotic locales across Europe and Alaska – providing Carnival guests with memorable vacation experiences! They offer voyages that travel between these regions. Additionally, Europe, Alaska, and Caribbean destinations may all feature on its itineraries!
  • Carnival stands out with its wide range of entertainment onboard its cruise ships. There’s never any lack of options to keep guests amused on a Carnival cruise, from Broadway shows to live music performances to comedy clubs to water parks to sports facilities and casinos; casual restaurants as well as specialty, traditional or buffet dining are available as dining choices on each cruise ship.
  • Carnival cruise lines offer accommodations tailored to every taste and budget, from spacious suites with luxury amenities to affordable cabins. Their fleets are continuously being upgraded with cutting-edge technologies designed to improve guest experiences onboard; Carnival ships boast vibrant atmospheres complete with pools, spas, and fitness centers onboard!
  • Carnival Cruise Line has earned itself an esteemed reputation by providing customers with comprehensive yet cost-effective packages covering an assortment of activities and amenities on board, while their “VIFP Club” loyalty program rewards frequent passengers with various privileges and perks.
  • Carnival Cruise Line provides an energetic and engaging cruise experience with many activities and destinations for passengers of any age or background, especially those seeking an exciting, vibrant atmosphere.

Brief Overview of Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean
Figure-no-02: Royal Caribbean
  • Royal Caribbean International has provided unforgettable vacation experiences since 1968. Based out of Miami, Florida, and with groundbreaking ships that provide diverse itineraries – Royal Caribbean is widely recognized for creating memorable vacation experiences for their customers.
  • Royal Caribbean has one of the most innovative and technologically sophisticated fleets available today, dedicated to offering guests an unforgettable experience combining thrilling activities on board, outstanding entertainment, and breathtaking destinations.
  • Royal Caribbean offers cruises that reach every corner of the planet, from Alaska’s spectacular landscapes to Caribbean beaches – everything you could need for the ideal holiday can be found through Royal Caribbean. Additionally, their unique cruises take them further afield than expected so that visitors may explore hidden corners that lie off the beaten path.
  • Royal Caribbean stands out with its extensive array of activities and entertainment onboard its ships – be it zip lining and rock climbing walls to Broadway shows, virtual reality, ice-skating rinks or cutting-edge experiences such as its partnership with DreamWorks Animation to bring beloved characters such as Shrek or Kung Fu Panda to life – you won’t find anything dull!
  • Royal Caribbean offers dining experiences designed to please every palate, with casual to fine cuisine prepared by world-class chefs onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Innovative concepts like flexible and dynamic dining allow guests to dine according to their schedules and needs.
  • Royal Caribbean ships provide accommodations designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. There’s something suitable for every taste and budget onboard, from spacious suites to interior staterooms; as well as family-friendly options that provide exclusive amenities.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Crown & Anchor Society program rewards returning cruisers with special benefits, including priority check-in, discounts onboard, exclusive lounge access and events.
  • Royal Caribbean International stands out as a prominent cruise line, known for its groundbreaking ships, entertaining onboard activities, and diverse itineraries. Royal Caribbean provides travelers of any age or interest an exciting vacation with entertainment, adventure, and relaxation all under one roof.

Cruise Line Histories

  • Carnival Cruise Line was established by Ted Arison in 1972 with their inaugural sailing onboard the Mardi Gras. They initially faced financial issues; however, they managed to overcome these in order to become one of the premier cruise lines. Carnival focused its efforts on offering affordable cruises with an energetic and enjoyable atmosphere aboard; over time this has included innovative features such as the world’s first roller coaster on board as well as the largest water park at sea! Currently, they boast large ships operating worldwide with destinations.
  • Royal Caribbean International recently hosted its international tradeshow.
  • Royal Caribbean International was formed as part of a Norwegian shipping companies consortium in 1968, with Song of Norway becoming its inaugural ship in 1970. Royal Caribbean set itself apart from traditional cruise lines by providing guests with contemporary experiences onboard its vessels. Cruise lines were among the pioneers in their field, pioneering concepts like sea days with activities onboard. Over time, Royal Caribbean ships have grown larger, more advanced, and technologically sophisticated with features like rock climbing walls and ice skating rings being introduced onboard their vessels. Cruise lines have expanded their presence to numerous destinations and offered diverse itineraries. Furthermore, cruise companies continue to introduce innovative new ship designs; Royal Caribbean International stands out among them all with its commitment to innovation and memorable holidays – two hallmarks of success that stand out most prominently among others.

Fleet and Ships

Carnival Cruise Line boasts an expansive fleet, featuring ships boasting unique amenities and features to satisfy different travelers. Carnival Cruise Line includes several notable vessels in their fleet including:

  • Launched in 2019, the Carnival Panorama is the newest ship of the Carnival line and can accommodate over 4,000 passengers at once. She boasts exciting attractions like SkyRide and a suspended bike course as well as providing entertainment and dining services on board.
  • Launched in 2016, Carnival Vista features many amenities such as an IMAX theatre at sea and a SkyCourse ropes course for adventurous guests to try their hand at, in addition to several dining options and spacious accommodations.
  • ¬†With a tropical and lively theme, Carnival Breeze features many amenities like an extensive water park featuring multiple levels, a ropes course, and dining options including Guy’s Burger Joint. First launched in 2012 and seating 3,700 passengers per cruise ship capacity.
  • Royal Caribbean International Ltd
  • Royal Caribbean International has long been revered as an industry leader when it comes to ship designs that provide guests with entertainment, dining, and activities of every sort. Royal Caribbean currently owns multiple notable ships.
  • Symphony of the Seas will become the largest cruise ship worldwide by 2023 when launched in 2018. She can accommodate more than 6,000 guests with amenities including ice skating, zip lines, waterslides, and Broadway-style entertainment.
  • Oasis of the Seas was Royal Caribbean’s inaugural Oasis-class vessel when she launched in 2009. Her groundbreaking design and amenities revolutionized cruise travel; she features an open-air Central Park complete with trees, plants, and real objects as well as ziplines, rock climbing walls, dining options, and entertainment features that revolutionized this industry.
  • Royal Caribbean’s Quantum class ships such as Quantum of the Seas showcase Royal Caribbean’s cutting-edge technologies. Launched in 2014, this ship offered attractions like North Star capsule observation, skydiving simulation, and Bionic Bar (with robot bartenders serving drinks).

Carnival and Royal Caribbean International offer many ships equipped with features, amenities, and activities designed to appeal to passengers of various tastes and demographics.

Destinations and Itineraries

Carnival Cruise Line provides cruisers with an assortment of itineraries and destinations designed to satisfy everyone’s interests, with something suitable for each. Their cruise options cover an impressive list of exotic locales.

  • Carnival Caribbean Cruises are legendary, covering both Eastern and Western Caribbean regions. Passengers on these voyages will experience picturesque islands such as Jamaica, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman as well as enjoy watersports activities while discovering vibrant cultures firsthand.
  • Carnival cruises in Mexico allow travelers to visit world-class tourist spots like Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada as well as Costa Maya for shopping, sightseeing, and culinary experiences unique to Mexican culture and cuisine. Their itineraries also include opportunities for shopping.
  • Carnival cruises to Alaska provide passengers with the unique chance to view Alaska’s glaciers and wildlife up close, whale watching, dog sledding adventures and charming villages are just a few highlights they will experience on these voyages.
  • Carnival provides cruises in Europe that enable guests to visit iconic spots, including the Mediterranean Sea, Greek Isles and Northern Europe. Passengers on Carnival’s European cruises have the chance to explore historical sites, sample local cuisine and learn more about vibrant European cultures while sailing across their waters.
  • Royal Caribbean International Limited.
  • Royal Caribbean International provides an expansive array of itineraries and destinations around the globe that cater to many diverse interests, with several stand-out itineraries and destinations offered as part of this line of cruise ships.
  • Royal Caribbean offers cruise itineraries throughout the Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean regions, visiting popular spots like St Maarten and St Thomas as well as Puerto Rico and Barbados.
  • Royal Caribbean offers Mediterranean cruises that provide travelers with unforgettable travel experiences in cities such as Barcelona, Rome, Athens and Santorini – each itinerary featuring rich histories and traditions along with delicious culinary creations from each Mediterranean nation.
  • Alaska, Royal Caribbean cruises give cruise passengers an exciting chance to witness Alaska’s breathtaking landscapes, icebergs and wildlife in all their beauty. Additionally, passengers have access to whale-watching tours, scenic hiking excursions and cultural learning programs onboard their ship.
  • Asia, Royal Caribbean offers cruise itineraries that give passengers an opportunity to visit exciting Asian cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo on exciting cruise voyages. Explore ancient temples while tasting local delicacies while experiencing rich local cultures first-hand!

Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International each provide passengers with unique itineraries and destinations around the globe, which make travel accessible. They both cater to multiple kinds of travelers seeking sun-kissed beaches, natural wonders or cultural experiences – ideal cruise lines if you’re seeking adventure!

Onboard Experience

  • Carnival cruise lines offer numerous forms of entertainment to keep passengers occupied during their cruise journey – everything from Broadway shows and live music performances, themed parties and comedy clubs are sure to keep cruisegoers happy and engaged throughout.
  • Carnival cruise lines offer guests a diverse array of entertainment, ranging from water parks and splash zones, pools, and sports like mini-golf to basketball courts, trivia contests and cooking demos – offering something fun for every cruise ship passenger!
  • Carnival cruise lines offer an abundance of dining choices ranging from casual restaurants to formal dining rooms and specialty eateries, offering comfort foods, international fare, steakhouse dishes, and seafood to satisfy everyone on board. There are even partnership offerings like Guy’s Burger Joint or BlueIguana Cantina offering casual dining!
  • Carnival provides accommodations tailored to different budgets. Cabins range from interior, ocean view, balcony, and suite categories while staterooms boast amenities such as cozy bedding, ample storage, and bathrooms.
  • Royal Caribbean International provides an exciting onboard experience characterized by entertainment and innovation.
  • Royal Caribbean Entertainment is widely celebrated for being innovative and of high quality. Their guests have access to Broadway shows, ice skating performances, live music or aqua shows; cruise lines also provide special options like Two70 which offers multilevel seating with immersive technology, spectacular views and multiple performance areas on different levels for ultimate guest satisfaction.
  • Royal Caribbean offers guests with plenty of entertainment options aboard their cruise line ship, from rock climbing walls and surf simulators, ziplines, skydiving simulations and ziplines, sports courts, mini golf and running tracks – Royal Caribbean has something for every guest’s entertainment!
  • Royal Caribbean offers dining venues designed to satisfy every palette. Their cruise lines offer numerous dining venues that span everything from main dining rooms featuring different cuisines, to speciality restaurants, buffets and grab-and-go eateries – as well as innovative concepts like flexible and dynamic dining.
  • Royal Caribbean offers luxurious accommodation designed to enhance guests’ cruise experiences. Stateroom options vary, including interior cabins with ocean views, balconies or spacious suites – each equipped with modern amenities to make their stay as pleasant as possible.
  • Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Line both provide guests with an abundance of activities, entertainment and dining choices designed to keep them engaged throughout their cruise experience. Both cruise lines provide memorable encounters that offer something from lively celebration to more unique activities – something suitable for every taste or desire!

Target Audience and Atmosphere

  • Carnival Cruise Line caters to a broad target audience that spans families, friends, couples and solo travellers. Their vibrant atmosphere creates a vacation full of fun and excitement; which may particularly appeal to individuals searching for social interaction on vacation.
  • Carnival makes for the ideal family vacation, offering numerous activities and amenities designed specifically to delight children of all ages. Carnival also features age-specific children’s clubs for entertainment purposes, while family dining services and accommodations ensure an unforgettable stay for families traveling together.
  • Couples, Carnival offers an intimate environment. Couples can experience romantic dinners at specialty restaurants as well as unwind in adult-only zones like Serenity Retreat. Indulge in spa treatments tailored exclusively for couples! Additionally, Carnival also hosts numerous activities, entertainment and parties on board such as live music shows or themed celebrations that couples will find enjoyable.
  • Carnival Cruise Line is an excellent option for travellers in search of adventure. Their commitment to creating a lively and energetic atmosphere attracts those searching for vacations filled with energy and entertainment – comedy clubs, deck parties and live music make up just some of what awaits aboard this fun-seeker voyage! Ultimately it creates an experience full of enjoyment and celebration!
  • Royal Caribbean International caters to an international travel audience looking for innovative entertainment and experiences onboard its ships, each of which can vary based on itinerary but generally offers a combination of excitement, relaxation and adventure.
  • Royal Caribbean offers an abundance of family-oriented activities and amenities, which makes it an excellent choice for family travel. Kids clubs provide activities tailored specifically for different age ranges to ensure an unforgettable vacation for you and your children alike. Onboard you’ll also find family dining, accommodations and entertainment.
  • Royal Caribbean offers adventure seekers plenty of exciting activities like zip lines, rock climbing walls and surf simulators that provide thrills galore! Royal Caribbean features zip lines, rock climbing walls and surf simulators as part of its thrilling activities onboard its cruises as well as numerous thrilling activities including rock climbing walls, surf simulators and zip lines!
  • Royal Caribbean cruise lines have long been known for providing travelers with top-quality shows and performances, from Broadway musicals and original shows, ice skating performances and themed parties with comedy shows and live music to themed parties with themed dinners, comedy shows and even themed comedy nights! Guests on Royal Caribbean can look forward to unforgettable cruise experience that features high quality shows.
  • Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International each target different audiences, such as families, couples and those seeking adventure. Both cruise lines accommodate to this wide-range of individuals – families, couples and those searching for fun!

Pricing and Value

  • Carnival Cruise Line stands out among budget cruises by providing accessible cruise options that don’t break the bank. Price options allow passengers to select staterooms and amenities according to personal tastes and budget requirements, and Carnival gives value by including entertainment, dining and activities as part of its basic fare so guests can experience as many experiences without additional costs or penalties incurred through early booking discounts or incentives – giving travelers additional value in terms of experience value!
  • Royal Caribbean International provides guests with multiple price options designed to accommodate various budgets and tastes, offering various cabin categories tailored specifically towards individual preferences and budgets. Royal Caribbean’s focus on entertainment, innovation and activities onboard makes the cruise superior among other lines; their focus includes world-class entertainment such as rock climbing walls and surf simulators; as well as unique experiences like Perfect Day on CocoCay that create memorable experiences – providing unmatched value at great price points for customers and unforgettable memories!

Be mindful that cruise prices vary based on factors like ship, itinerary, travel dates and cabin category – as well as any promotions running at the time you book your vacation. Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Line both provide different pricing plans so guests can find an experience tailored specifically for them and their budgets.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Carnival Cruise Line’s VIFP Club program (Very Important Fun Person), recognizes repeat Carnival cruisers. Membership levels in VIFP vary based on how often someone cruises. There are five levels in which individuals may join VIFP- 5, 8, 12, 15, 20, 25, 50 or 100 cruises days have passed between membership.

  • After your inaugural Carnival cruise, you will have reached the Blue level.
  • Attain the Red level on your second Carnival cruise!
  • Gold, Unlocked after completing 25 cruise days or 6 Carnival cruises.
  • Your cruise has completed 75 days or your 24th Carnival cruise; once this milestone has been met you are awarded with this accolade.
  • Diamond, Reach this mark after 200 days or cruises aboard Carnival! You will then gain entry into this coveted club!
  • VIFP Club members enjoy various rewards based on the status of their membership, from priority check-in and gift delivery on board, priority disembarkation, invitations to special events and priority disembarkation to complimentary upgrades in cabins, priority dining reservations and laundry service.
  • Royal Caribbean International provides its loyal passengers with a program called Crown & Anchor Society that was designed to reward and recognize them. There are six membership tiers in this loyalty club depending on cruise points accrued.
  • On your initial Royal Caribbean cruise, you will automatically attain Gold Status.
  • Amassing at least 30 cruise points will earn you the Platinum award.
  • Collect 55 cruise points.
  • Earn 80 points during a cruise and you will qualify for the Diamond award!
  • Diamond Plus, Reach this achievement after collecting 175 cruise point.
  • Pinnacle Club, Reach this level after amassing 700 cruise points.
  • Crown & Anchor Society membership provides its members with various tier-dependent benefits and rewards, from priority check-in and special onboard events to discounts on spa treatments, priority seating in entertainment venues and accessing an exclusive loyalty call center, complimentary internet minutes or priority seating at entertainment venues. Members at higher tier levels also enjoy additional advantages, such as priority access to activities onboard or lounge access.
  • Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International offer loyalty programs designed to reward repeat cruisers. Their programs reward repeat users through rewards and benefits tailored to membership level. Each program aims to enhance guests’ cruise experiences by giving them additional perks.


If you don’t have a clear idea of the differences in Carnival or Royal Caribbean, then you are likely to have difficulty selecting the right one to suit your travel requirements. Let us assist you by explaining the different cruise lines have to provide. Today, Carnival and Royal Caribbean are world-class cruise companies that have become loved by people all over the globe. The majority of people want to enjoy an trip that lasts a lifetime on this cruise company. Although they provide similar services, there are some differences that are not to be overlooked. This article will discuss the differences to allow people to pick either one based on their needs. To provide a reliable comparison, similar ships such as Carnival Liberty and Royal Caribbean Mariner were selected.